Wilmot’s Dialogue Magazine Showcases Diversity and Quest for NCI "Blue Ribbon"

Jan. 21, 2022

Welcome to the first edition of Dialogue magazine in 2022. Have you heard the buzz about the Wilmot Cancer Institute’s journey to become designated as a top center in the U.S.? This exceptional honor would add Wilmot to the list of 71 elite centers and provide a special research grant.

Learn more about what NCI designation means and what it takes to achieve the “blue ribbon,” as described by Wilmot Director Jonathan Friedberg, M.D., M.M.Sc.., starting on page 4 of Dialogue. The magazine is produced for community members and it showcases why Wilmot Cancer Institute is unique in central and western New York.

“I take tremendous pride on behalf of our entire team on what we’ve accomplished,” says Friedberg, praising the improvements at the cancer institute during the past five years. “I can go to bed every night knowing that Wilmot is so much better.”

During the transformative period, Wilmot hired a data guru to shape the story of the 27-county area from which Wilmot draws cancer patients. Eric Snyder unearthed some sobering facts about cancer incidence and how to meet those challenges. (His profile is on page 8.)

The magazine also features a group of UR medical students from underserved communities, who participated in an inaugural internship program at Wilmot. (Page 10.)

Caring for individuals with cancer remains at the core of Wilmot’s mission, and this spring Wilmot is opening a facility in Webster. Newly recruited Regional Oncology Director Dan Mulkerin, M.D., talks about how he landed in Rochester to oversee this project. (Page 13.)