Staff Feature - Dental Assistant Melissa Storath

Mar. 7, 2023

It's Dental Assistants Appreciation Week, and we'll be featuring a few EIOH Dental Assistants, like Melissa Storath, who has worked with EIOH for 17 years and was promoted to lead in 2017.  A Rochester, NY native, Melissa describes herself as hardworking and friendly, and we couldn't agree more. 
(To be clear, we appreciate our dental assistants all year long! They're all amazing!)

Q. When did you want to become a DA?

A. At first, I ran a child care program at my home, but once my children went to school full time, I decided to do full time outside. I trained at the Boces program and became a dental assistant in 2005.

Q. Why did you choose to work at Eastman Dental? 

Melissa Storath, Dental Assistant with EIOH for 17 years.

A. It was 17 years ago, when I heard about “Smile Mobile”, I instantly wanted to see what it was all about, and when I heard it was with kids, I jumped at that chance and did a 2-week program with them. The doctors saw my potential and felt I was a best fit for the position and ever since then I have been enjoying working with the Smile mobile. I love kids!

Q. Any advice for budding Dental Assistants? 

A.You need to be doctor’s right hand. They are counting on you!  Always be eager to learn something new, and be a team player

Q. Favorite thing about Rochester?

A. I just love the city! There is so much to do in summer. The parks, festivals, and music.

Q. Who is your role model?

A. I look up to my parents because they raised a 4 great kids (lol)! They worked hard and taught me great work ethics, which I use daily.

Q. Best experience so far as a Dental Assistant?

A. I love it when in the beginning kids are scared of us and then we are able to show them how easy and fun the dentists can be. I love to show them a great experience so that way they don’t have a dental phobia as an adult. One day we had a child with language barrier and tooth pain and we couldn't get hold of a parent for days. When the school finally spoke with the parent for their permission, we delivered a crown and he was so happy about his “GOLD” tooth (which was actually silver) that he showed it to everybody at school. He gave us all a big hug and that was one of the best experiences I've had so far.

Q. Most embarrassing moment?

A. When I was working with Dr. Seibert,  I held the patient's hand and told him,” Okay, relax, we are going to give you some sleepy juice.” Dr. Seibert shouted, “Melissa! This is an adult. It is not a sleepy juice and you don’t have to hold his hand.” The patient immediately said: "Oh yes! You can still hold my hand!" 

Q. What is one of your challenging situations and what did you learn from it?

A. In the beginning, learning how to comfort and help children get through tough procedures was challenging. I learned being patient and and learning a few children's songs were the best ways I could render care to a nervous child.

Q. Do you only work with kids? 

A. No, I don’t always work with children. I am sent to community clinics where I am continuously learning adult procedures and patient management.

Q. How do you manage stress?

A. I like to exercise and I take long walks. I also arrange for lunches at the clinic to keep us all stress free.

Q. How do you stay motivated in this job?

A. I enjoy working with kids and get a lot of positive feelings from them, which is enough motivation for me to keep going.

Q. Why do you feel you are the most suited for this job?

A. Because I am hard working, children feel comfortable around me, and I know the daily operations of my job that I can handle any challenges that come along

Q. What is your go to when you are having a tough day at work?

A. I have a big glass of wine in my hot tub!

Q. What are the three most important things in your life? 

A. My family, being happy and friendships. 

Q. What is the happiest day of your life?

A. The day I got married 33 years ago and the days my two daughters were born!