Resident Spotlight - Dr. Hamid Tofighi

May. 29, 2019

After arriving in the U.S. from Iran, Dr. Hamid Tofighi participated in an OMFS preceptorship at University of California Los Angeles before applying to two different programs. One was a two year complementary program for international dentists in Colorado, and the other was Eastman Institute for Oral Health’s AEGD program. He was accepted by both but chose Eastman.

Dr. Hamid TofighiAfter finishing the program in 2016, he then completed Eastman’s GPR program, a Fellowship focusing on serving patients with medically complex and special needs, earned a master’s degree in Public Health, and will soon complete the Pediatric Dentistry program next month.

Why did you choose Eastman for your residencies?

I believe that Eastman has one of the best, oldest and most well-known residency programs in the U.S. with a great patient pool and prestigious faculty.

Did the Eastman experience make you a better dentist? 

I enjoyed becoming more comfortable with patients with significant medical issues, special needs and different scenarios. I learned a lot in all of my three residencies with awesome faculty. All the residencies are intense at EIOH, especially in the Pediatric Dentistry department but it’s all worth it. You gain a lot of great experience during your residency that can help you in your career in the future. You gain valuable OR experience plus you will be well trained for non-complicated orthodontic cases as well. Also, you have the chance to be on the craniofacial team at Strong Memorial Hospital, which is a multidisciplinary team who work together to achieve functional, cosmetic and psychosocial normalcy and an improved quality of life for each patient.

Any advice for future Eastman residents?

Just be honest with yourself. If you like to learn, this is the place for you to stay.  No pain, no gain, as they say. Residency at Eastman is not an easy job, and you have to work hard and be a great team worker. But if you work with passion and take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more and more, you can make it an unforgettable period of your life and have much fun as well.

There are many great moments at Eastman and lots of fun things to do including amazing graduation parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other celebrations.

What’s the one thing about Rochester you love?  And dislike?

lilacsI love Rochester with its amazing nature and great and friendly people. The winter is a little intense and long here but when it gets close to spring and you see those beautiful lilac blossoms, you forget that cold weather.

What are next steps after you graduate?

I am joining a private practice in Texas, and will look to work part time in academia as well.​