Eastman Reaches Out All Year Long

Apr. 25, 2017

Improving people’s lives through healthcare and education is the basis for which George Eastman established Eastman Dental 100 years ago.

UR and Dentistry helping othersNow, as Eastman Dental marks its 100th birthday this year, it’s fitting to share some of the ways we continue to live out George Eastman’s original mission, by helping people within and outside of our community.  Eastman Institute friends and employees, whether they are faculty, residents or staff members, join vendors, companies and community organizations year round to help our patients and many others.

For example, Procter & Gamble who makes Crest toothpaste and Oral B toothbrushes, has a longstanding relationship with Rochester Eastman Dental.

“We enjoy supporting faculty, staff and students so that we can be recognized by the community as a student at Seton Schoolpartner to the school and within the community,” said Beth Jordan, RDH, Scientific Relations manager with Procter and Gamble, who donated toothbrushes and toothpaste for educational outreach. “Without the outreach efforts of the students and faculty so many patients’ oral health needs would be unmet. “

Each year, Dr. Linda Rasubala, assistant director, Howitt Dental Urgent Care, and several residents who are training in advanced general dentistry, engage in educating young children in the importance of good oral health. Dressed in toothpaste and toothbrush costumes, the residents provide fun facts while showing students the right way to brush, telling jokes and having fun.

“It is our goal every year to have a quality dental health presentation for our 150 students, in grades kindergarten through third,” explained Patty Selig, principal of Seton School, “and these dentists did not disappoint. The demonstrations were fun, engaging, and informative. They came in well prepared with a multitude of visual aids including puppets, costumes, slide shows, and hands-on models. They captured the attention of every student, no matter the grade level, and inspired them to want to listen and learn.”

cheerleaders helping others with oral healthMany parents mistakenly think that oral health among young children isn’t as critical because the baby teeth will fall out. “Developing good habits while children are young is critical,” said Dr. Rasubala. “We want to raise awareness about the importance of good oral health and help motivate children to adopt healthy behaviors in their daily regimes.”

In addition to achieving good oral health, Principal Selig saw another benefit for her students.

“The residents were able to give the students insight on a career path that might not have occurred to some of them,” added Mrs. Selig. “The residents spoke about the steps involved in becoming a dentist and what it is like to work in such a rewarding field. They spoke of the importance of working hard in school to be ready for the rigor of dental school. Their passion was infectious!”

Anglea Colt, center director of The Children’s School at URMC, considered herself lucky to have 55 children there participate in the hands on learning the Eastman Institute residents provided.

Domestic Violence Victims Donations“All of the children had big smiles on their faces, enjoyed the hands-on activities to learn how to keep their teeth clean and healthy and they loved receiving a new toothbrush!” she said.

Throughout the year, EIOH employees and their families are involved in helping others.  Noreen Young, for example, is the mother of Eastman’s Chief Administrative Officer, and loves to knit and help children in need.  Throughout the year, she makes sets of hats and mittens for children, and Ms. Barone gives them to students at School 17, the Pediatric Dentistry clinic at Eastman Dental, and a local refugee organization that the URMC medical residents were collecting.

Shoeboxes for Needy ChildrenOther places Eastman Institute experts have provided education and community outreach include dental screenings at Asbury Church and Special Olympics events year round, Spread the Word to End the Word events, supporting a local soup kitchen with Blessing Bags, helping grieving families, providing donations to victims of domestic violence and their children, Golisano Children’s Hospital and Wilmot Cancer events and packing shoeboxes with school supplies and hygiene items and toys for needy children worldwide through Operation Christmas Child. 

For people of all ages, we are honored to bring messages of hope and healing all year long, and look forward to continuing Eastman’s mission throughout the next 100 years.