60 Years Strong: How Helping Others Created a Happy Career in Health Care

Apr. 13, 2021
Nurse Ann

Ann Paddock, LPN, has been working as a nurse longer than many of her colleagues have been alive. Paddock’s dedication to patients, fellow staff members, and the hospital for the last 60 years as a pediatric nurse demonstrates her commitment to her career.

Aided by her sense of humor and love for helping others, Paddock has spent 57 of her 60 years working in Pediatrics. She said that ever since she was little, she’s enjoyed taking care of people. Becoming a nurse seemed like a natural progression as she was a member of the Future Nurses’ club in high school, which gave her the chance to work in a hospital two or three times each month under the tutelage of a professional nurse.

From there, Paddock graduated from the now-closed Jamestown School of Practical Nursing. When she saw an ad for a nursing position at Strong Memorial Hospital back in 1961, she eagerly applied, was hired, and has worked at the Medical Center ever since.


Her years of experience provide Paddock a unique perspective on medicine. One of the things she’s enjoyed the most has been witnessing medical advancements that save lives in the face of once-incurable conditions.

“When I first came into this career, there were very few antibiotics, no treatment for cancer,” Paddock said. “That’s what I’ve enjoyed seeing come along, seeing how far we’ve advanced in medicine.”

While there’s no magic formula to being happy at a job, there are a few essential factors that have encouraged Paddock to put on her scrubs and persevere.

“What gets me out of bed each morning to come to the hospital and keeps me going is very simple: I love working with the people, doctors, nurses and patients especially.”

 “Working with the people, it’s the best part. We’ve always had a great group of nurses and I’m grateful for the friendships that have been built here.”

Advice she has for new nurses?

“If you like working with patients and families, go and enjoy it,” she said. “It’s a great profession. Enjoy it.”