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On the (Medical) Record: 4 Reasons to Check Your Chart

Feb. 2, 2018

The evolution of electronic health records opened the door to online access to our personal medical charts through websites known as patient portals. UR Medicine’s Dr. Mitch Linder says that logging on to yours can do more than satisfy your curiosity. It can help you manage your health.woman sitting on a sofa using an ipad

So, why should you check your chart?

  • It delivers. Rather than waiting for phone call to get test results or operating under the “no news is good news” philosophy, information such as reports from x-rays and lab work are delivered directly to you. You and your doctor can both access them and determine if there is any need for follow-up.
  • It connects. You can easily send a non-urgent message to your doctor who can reply directly to you. It works like email within the privacy and context of your medical record. Of course, in an emergency, you should call your doctor or seek other appropriate care.
  • It saves time. You can request medication refills or appointments and avoid playing phone tag, waiting for a call-back or being on hold.
  • It keeps track. Keep tabs on things like scheduled appointments, your blood pressure numbers, medications you take, and any tests or screenings you may need.

And if you have children or others in your care, you can arrange for access to their records, via proxy, to assist you in managing their health and communicating with their doctors.

As electronic records grow in use and functions, they are also becoming more portable. In addition to accessing your patient portal on a computer, many have mobile applications—for tablets and smartphones—so your health information is at your fingertips. This makes using it as a wellness tool even easier and more convenient.


hand holding mobile phone with appThe MyURMedicine mobile app makes it easy to check your chart and keep health resources at your fingertips! Download it today for free on your phone or tablet from the App Store and Google Play.



Mitchell Linder, MD


Mitchell Linder, M.D., believes it’s important for patients to be engaged in their own health care. He’s among URMC leaders who are working to help improve a patients' ability to navigate their medical information and, in the process, make health care more transparent for everyone.

A board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist at UR Medicine, Linder's clinical practice interests include vulvar conditions such as vulvodynia and lichen sclerosis as well as high and low risk obstetrics, contraception, advanced laparoscopy/minimally invasive gynecologic surgery including robotic surgery and menopausal issues.